Spring is Here

Hey all! First off I'm not very good at guessing time. Especially when launching new collections.

I had most of my spring prints picked in November. When it came time for me to start actually making products to photograph (early February) I noticed that I did not have a lot of springy colors or floral prints. So I had to go out and pick some new prints. My spring collection went from about 12 prints to about 25.

So of course with all of those prints it will take longer to decide what to make with them, photograph them, edit them, and finally get everything listed online. 

Did I mention that working on a computer is not my favorite thing to do. I will literally have the same website open on both my phone and my laptop and look at it on my phone. Anyway I planned on fully launching the collection around the first couple of weeks of March but I couldn't get everything listed fast enough. But it's finally here!

Go shop and let me know what you think. Link below.

Spring 2017 Collection

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