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  • Yellow Crate Mat - Charlotte's Pet
  • Yellow Crate Mat - Charlotte's Pet
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Charlotte's Pet

Yellow Crate Mat

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This mat is great for your pups crate. The mat is made from 100% cotton fabric on top and a off white (cream) fleece on bottom. The middle is filled with 1/2" polyester batting. It is stitched around the middle to help keep the batting in place.

The mat can be used on either side. One side to help keep cool during the summer months and the fleece side to help keep warm during the winter.

Pictured is my 10 lb maltese mix on an xsmall mat.

Sizes available:

XSmall: 18" x 12" inches (Chihuahua, Yorkshire, etc. up to 10 lbs)
Small: 24" x 16" inches ( Shih tzu, Scottie, etc. up to 25 lbs)
Medium: 36"x 23" inches (Beagle, Corgi, etc. up to 30 lbs)
Large: 42" x 28" inches (Collie, Whippet, etc. up to 70 lbs)
XLarge: 48" x 30" inches (Golden retriever, German Shepherd, etc. up to 90+ lbs)

This mat can also be customized to fit any crate. Just message me your crate dimensions.

Need a custom order? Just send me a message I'm always happy to help.